Changi airport is a world class airport in Singapore which is just more than your standard stopover. It has been repeatedly voted as the best airport in world and sits as the crown jewel in Singapore’s aviation industry. It offers travelers an exclusive experience by offering them an opportunity to be entertained and unwind. From its unique butterfly garden and the roof top pool to the spacious movie theater, there is definitely something for everyone.

If you are at the airport waiting for your flight or on transit, here is our suggested things to do to while away time:

1. Watch Featured Movies


Enjoy watching ongoing featured movies in the free movie theaters at Changi airport. There are 3 theaters, one in each terminal showing movies around the clock.

2. Science Museum Centre

Visit the Science Museum centre that offer interactive science displays that will stimulate the minds of the travelers as well as entertain them.

3. Get on free sight-seeing tour


Changi airport services offer a city tour on their bus. They will take you to the city, where you board an old Chinese junk, sail up and down Singapore river accompanied by a tour guide, walk along the scenic river banks and then they will take you back to the airport at no cost at all!

4. Free Internet at Internet Kiosks or Wifi

Get connected with friends and family across the globe. Enjoy free internet all over the airport through various connection options. Access free wifi using your laptop or use the free laptop usb ports.  Use the free computer internet terminals in case you don’t have your laptop.

5. Unwind in the 5 Different Gardens


Are you a nature lover? Take a stroll through the gardens of ferns, sunflowers, cactus or orchids. Enjoy an exquisite site of colorful butterflies that flutter around the butterfly garden, which is the first butterfly garden in an airport in the world.

6. Slide Down the tallest slide in the world

Changi airport has the tallest indoor slide in the world. Visitors at the airport get a free side token with any $10 purchase they make anywhere in the airport. Have fun by racing down the 12 M slide.

7. Catch Up on Forty Winks

If you feel like you want to take a nap, Changi airport has set up various rest areas for travelers where they can sleep on sweet comfy in-transit beds. There are also well carpeted and padded floors in quiet sitting areas where you can stretch out and sleep.

8. Get Up to Date with the Latest Electronics

Are you intrigued by technology? You can try the newest computers, 3D TV, cameras, newest games among other as you wait for your flight.

9. Bring out the Picasso in You

Changi interactive art center is a place where you can make your own wood-block print and also where you can learn about other Cultural arts.

10. Pamper your feet with free foot massages at the luxurious lounge chairs


If you have a long lay-over and are looking for things to do in Singapore before your next flight, we have plenty of food places and activity suggestions for you.