5 Best Escape Room Games in Singapore

Singapore is a city that offers an innumerable amount of great entertainment, whether it’s outdoors, indoors, whether we’re talking about food, festivals, parks, or anything else.

As always, we are trying our best to keep you informed about all the amazing possibilities the city has to offer, but one thing we seem to have missed so far is a worldwide trend that is part of Singapore as well – Escape rooms.

There are a lot of great escape games and escape rooms in Singapore, which can feel overwhelming for people that are new to this sort of entertainment. That’s why we’re going to list the 5 best escape games in Singapore.

In no particular order, here they are:

  • Forever Young. Finding yourself abducted, you wake up in a strange playroom. You have to use the clues left by previous victims to find a way out of your kidnapper’s grasp, as well as to uncover his or her identity. Rated as one of the hardest escape rooms in Singapore, Forever Young is definitely a place to check out.
  • The Ouija. Recreating a horrifying incident from 1985, when a student, Judy Lim, was found hanging in one of the school’s toilet cubicles. Suicide was ruled out by investigators and the main homicide suspect was the school cleaner who disappeared after the body was found.
    In the Ouija escape game, visitors try to find out the truth via connecting with the spirit realm through an Ouija board.
  • The Hospital. Another great escape room, The Hospital is the “sequel room” of the famed “Apartment”. As such, it requires you to have played the Apartment in order to get the full experience, but it is well worth it. The Hospital tasks you with the challenge of uncovering the mystery of Mrs Fong and her daughters and their disappearance from their HDB flat.
  • Killer’s Game. You aim to help an investigator catch the Zodiac Killer – a serial killer that’s already left five victims behind him. You go the house of the investigator, Corporal Lee, but as you enter, the door slams and locks behind you and you’re see a timer and a sign that says “You Are Next”, signed by the “Zodiac Killer”. Pressed by time, you need to use all the clues you can find to escape!
  • Pandora the Haunted. Trapped in an abandoned attic with a jammed door, visitors are tasked to find a way out. They here an eerie child’s voice in the dark – “Are you here to play with me?”, but there’s no one there. And so, the game begins! If you are a fan of mysterious, horror scenarios that ask you to keep your cool and try to think rationally in the face of “true” terrors – Pandora the Haunted can be a great place for you to visit.

Think you’ve run out of things to do in Singapore ? Escape the boredom with these rooms!