Things may get boring after awhile if you don’t step out of your comfort zone. We’ve come up with 5 activities that we may think may pique your interest. Learn new skills and challenge yourself with our list of unconventional things to do in Singapore.

Be a Master Chef in your Kitchen

Learn to cook things to do in singapore

Singapore has great experiences you can learn from, and one is cooking. Palate Sensation Cooking School offers fun new cooking experiences to all; doesn’t matter whether it’s your first time. It is an open kitchen which can fit up to seventy-five participants cooking in one session. They offer a wide range of short courses of patisserie, cuisines and baking. Not only do you learn how to whip up delectable dishes, but also learn culinary principles and techniques to be a master cook. Palate Sensation helps bring out the Gordon Ramsay in you.

Learn How to Dance

Danceclass Singapore

For those of us with 2 left feet, take up the challenge and have fun at the same time with dance classes. Singapore has a plethora of dance studios conducting classes of varied styles – ballet to pole dancing, contemporary, salsa, jazz, k-pop and hip-hop among others.  Most of these dance studios offer flexibility classes for a fitness fix. The dance instructors will get you to move even if you do not have any dance experience. Feeling spontaneous about footwork while at Singapore? Visit studios such as; Wings to Wings, Pole dance academy, Step, O school among others.

Attend a Trivia Night

This is usually a good way to spend your night while challenging your brain for a prize if you win. Topics range from fashion to traveling to different states to cuisine, films and Disney movies. These trivia questions nights are not only involved in answering questions but also are filled with humor. If you are all by yourself and no company, that’s no worry. Trivia nights give you the opportunity to for a team with a mix of eclectic backpackers from all over the world. These groups comprise of between two to eight members. Are you up for the challenge? Then trivia nights are the best to go to.


This is the newest challenging trend in Singapore where you and your friends lock yourselves up in a room and you cannot escape until you solve the puzzles and find the hidden clues. It is an up to an hour challenge where you need to be very attentive and smart to gain freedom. Fun, yes, but a good challenge to your brain. There are a ton of options for you which include Lockdown, Exit Plan and the Escape Artist amongst others.

Learn to Play Ukulele

Learn to play the ukelele singapore

An ukulele is an instrument with only four strings which is very easy to play for all unlike the guitar which has six strings. There are introductory classes which make it very easy for a new instrumentalist to catch up fast. Up for learn something new, easy and exciting in Singapore, try playing the ukulele.

Much rather grab cup of coffee or do something less challenging ? We understand – there is a time for everything. Check out our other fun things to do in Singapore.