Netflix and chill may be fun for awhile until cabin fever sets in. Head out to the great outdoors and you don’t have to break a sweat if you’re not up for it. Gather a mat, some drinks and snacks and head out for a picnic.  Singapore has several cool and serene picnic sites where you can relax on decent patches of grass under well-kept shades. All you need is to carry your mat, your basket pack and head to these sites for some fun. If you still prefer air-conditioned comfort but don’t know what to do or where to go, we’ve plenty of suggestions for you.

West Coast Park

West Coast Park Singapore

This park is perfect for families. Set on a 50 hectares piece of land, the West Coast Park is equipped with a camping site, a huge playground, an area for dogs to run and barbecue pits.  You can pick any spot in Area 3 which has shady trees near the playground and also faces the sea where you can lookout the deck for a closer view of the ships that dot the horizon.

Singapore Botanic Gardens

Botanic Gardens Singapore

This is one of the best picnic sites in Singapore. What makes it more unique is that it is a UNESCO world Heritage site with plenty of ground to set up your mat and enjoy nature. The space on a gentle slope of the palm valley surrounded by trees on all sides making it an ideal picnic spot. Not just an ideal picnic site, at the bottom of the slope is the Shaw Foundation Symphony stage which holds regular music events including the Singapore Orchestra’s Symphony.

Japanese and Chinese Garden

Japanese and Chinese Gardens Singapore

This park is quiet, peaceful, and far away from the hustle and bustle and is somehow always relatively cool. It is home to some interesting Japanese and Chinese architecture and is a great place to spend the day if you enjoy painting. Peppered around the park are sculptures of the 12 zodiac animals.  In the park, you will be spoilt for choice of places to camp as it has many grass patches and pavilions. Our preferred spot is located near the bridge of Double Beauty on the Chinese Garden side of the river bank which separates it from the Japanese garden.

Labrador Nature Reserve

Labrador Park Singapore

Labrador Nature reserve is rich in biodiversity and is part of the Southern Ridges. The boardwalks offer spectacular views of the sea. The reserve offers a picnic site where you can relax in one of the sheltered pavilions or along the shady areas.

East Coast Park

This park gets busy in the evenings and weekends but is large enough for everyone to enjoy the space comfortably. The East Coast Park lies on a stretch of over 15 kilometers. It is a swaddle of sand and grass packed with coconut trees and picnic tables.  Enjoy picturesque views of the sea and spot planes in the horizon taking off and landing at Changi Airport.