It is that time of the year to bond with your kids and enjoy fun times together.

Are you looking to make merry with your children this holiday?  Singapore is your ultimate holiday destination to have fun and make the best memories. Childhood memories are the best and vividly remembered. Don’t let your children miss out; you owe them these merry experiences.

Singapore offers you various options.

Cycling in Sentosa Island

Travel to Sentosa Island and have fun with your children while cycling on this serene Island.  The eco- friendly environment with the cool breeze provides just the perfect environment for the cycling expedition.

With insights from the supportive staff and a handy map enjoy the freedom to cycle as you explore the environment surrounding the Island and discover the beautiful beaches white beaches with scattered palm trees, colorful buildings and the famous Fort Siloso which is historic featuring memorabilia during World War II.


WWW II Historic landmarks of Changi Tour

Travel to the historic landmark of Changi, a former prisoner-of- war camp during the World War II. Walk through history and relive the historical events that shaped Singapore’s past.

Take your children to explore the fascinating Changi museum and enjoy a walk on the sandy Changi beach park as well and see the World War II weaponry replica at the Johore Battery. Check out the remains of the the Selerang barracks and the old Changi prison which were internment camps for former prisoners of war.


Segway Ride

If you thought cycling was fun you haven’t tried the Segway. Take your children to have a fun- filled adventure by enjoying a Segway ride back at Sentosa Island. Using the 2-wheeled contraption, ride through the clipped landscape presenting quiet parks and paths with lined palm trees.

Walking tour at Haw Par Villa

If you are looking for an exploration outdoor adventure for your kids, take a walk at this park and discover Singapore’s literature, philosophy and history. Enjoy legendary statues which include the Laughing Buddha laughing and other historical persons such as Su Wu. Take a camera with you and take pictures of captivating statues such as a mermaid, a turtle with a human head and even a human with a pigs head.


Of course, you will need to know where to get the best food in Singapore and you would also want to throw in some shopping so don’t forget to check out the rest of our other pages!