Are you in Singapore? Do you have plans to travel the world but you just don’t know where to spend the holiday, visit Singapore. So why Singapore?  Mulan the Musicals, a romantic comedy full of laughter is going down here.

Date- 16th December 2016- 5th February 2017.

Venue- Resorts World™ Theatre.


Catch the abroad unveiling of Mulan the musical which is a romantic comedy that gives a different perspective to the century-old fairy-tale.

The Hua Mulan in history is a loving daughter in ancient China who concealed her femininity so as to take up the position of his elderly father in the army.

Mulan the musical is a musical comedy based on the widespread tale of Hua Mulan.  Performed in Mandarin with English captions, from Taiwan, Mulan the musical promises a laughter filled night.

The original cast and crew originates from Taiwan and they are renowned local artists whose performances include locally- inspired songs, romantic hysteria and in-camp pandemonium which will leave you in stitches and craving for more.

Mulan the musical started out as a play and won a literary award prize presented by the cultural affairs bureau in 2007. The script was then edited to match its new format that includes choreograph and music.  The musical was first staged in 2009 in Taiwan. It was created in 3 countries London, New York and Taiwan by Tsai, Wang and Lu Po-Shen who cooperated through the internet to come up with the musical.

The musical is not just about laughter, but it brings into light current issues in the society such as gender identity, single parenthood and compulsory military service through its music, comedy and historical setting.

In this season Singaporean’s are just lucky, the script has been revised to cater for their humor and taste. It cannot get any better and you don’t have a choice rather than to attend.

Mulan the Musical is 2 hours long with a 15 minutes break.

Whilst you’re wandering around Resorts World, be sure to check out Universal Studios. Need more ideas on places to go and other things to do in Singapore? Explore our main site for updates!


From $ 38 to $ 128.

Special package

▸ S$298 (U.P. S$392) – 4 x Cat 2 tickets

▸ S$208 (U.P. S$272) – 4 x Cat 3 tickets