It’s no secret that Singapore is a city that’s overflowing with music – practically whenever you visit Singapore, there are going to be multiple musical events and festivals. We already covered some of them like Laneway Music Festival Singapore 2017 and Ultra Singapore 2017 , but there are so much more to explore about the musical scene in Singapore that we simple can’t stop here.

Therefore, let’s take a look at another one of Singapore’s amazing events – Neon Lights Music & Art Festival!

Neon Lights is one of the newer music events in Singapore, but immediately became one of the biggest too. First introduced in Singapore in 2015, its third event will take place on Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 November, 2017 – a two-day weekend of amazing music and experiences!

Despite its name, Neon Lights is not a festival for only electronic music. No, Neon Lights offers something for absolutely everyone, which makes it so unique. It’s lauded as one of the most comprehensive and eclectic music & art festivals the city of Singapore has ever seen – almost all styles and genres of music, as well as various different art performers, including even stand-up comedians and spoken word poetry, are featured in Neon Lights. This alone makes Neon Lights a must-see for anyone that has any interest in live music and art.

Past participants in Singapore’s Neon Lights include Damien Rice, Flight Facilities, Gentle Bones, Linying, Chairlift, drag revue RIOT!, Crystal Castles, Foals, Rachael Yamagata, Sigur Rós, Cashew Chemists, Comedy Masala, Yuna, and many others.

The line-up for November 18-19, 2017 is still being filled with performers and will continue to expand until May 15 when the applications period closes. On June 15 the full list of participants will be announced, so if you’re interested in keeping up with the news from Neon Lights Music & Art Festival, check out their website here – And if you’re interested in what exactly does it take to take active part in the festival, check out their conditions here –

Regardless of whether you join the Neon Lights Music & Art Festival as a performer or a viewer, it’s guaranteed to leave you breathless. A two-day event of gargantuan proportions and unbelievable diversity, Neon Lights is certain to remain a staple of Singapore’s music and art scene for years to come! Before you head down to party, be sure to fill up your stomach with our food suggestions.