We did already show you the Top 5 Shopping Areas in Singapore, however, there we mainly accented on the shopping areas as… well, as landmarks. Here, we thought we should mention some of the budget shopping places in Singapore. After all, traveling is not a cheap exercise, plus for the shopping maniacs out there, budget shopping simply has a very specific thrill to it, doesn’t it? Whether it is clothes, electronics, souvenirs, or anything else – a nice bargain just feels nice.

Also, keep in mind that a couple of items on this list might be the same as on the previous article. Nevertheless, there will be quite a few new additions here as well, so prepare for the shopping fiesta to commence!

  1. Flea Markets

    There are quite a few flea markets in Singapore and most of them are perfectly equipped to satiate your desire for cool and budget-friendly goods. For example, check out the SCAPE Marketplace in the very heart of the city. It’s the biggest flea market in Singapore and is an absolute weekend festival of amazing goods, fashion clothes and makeover, as well as handcrafted souvenirs and much more. It takes place every Friday and Saturday between 12 pm and 10 pm, giving you plenty of time to enjoy all of its colors and glory. Live music by a vast array of new, young and talented musicians will also make sure that you have the best possible time.

  2. Bugis Street and Haji Lane

    Yes, we already mentioned Bugis street and Haji lane in our previous article, but they are not just great shopping places, but amazing budget shopping options as well. Both Bugis street with its seemingly endless fashion shops and Haji lane’s indie shops and lifestyle boutiques are something that you just want to check out.

  3. Mustafa Center

    Another great place we mentioned before, the Mustafa Center in Little India is a place that simply has everything – DVDs and CDs, jewelry, kids’ toys, electronics, souvenirs, and much more. Open 168 hours a week, the Mustafa Center is a great place for any shopping fan.

  4. City Plaza

    City Plaza is a shopping mall, but don’t let this confuse you – it’s also the best place for you to find high-quality blogshop-sold items at half the price. How can that be, you might ask? Quite simple – the shops in the City Plaza are the same shops that supply Singapore’s blogshops as well!

  5. IMM

    With over 80 outlet stores, the IMM at Jurong is ideal for any outlet-lover. There you can find anything from huge international fashion labels like COACH or DKNY, to a great amont of midrange brands.

Of course, there are also a ton of other great shopping places in Singapore – after all, it wouldn’t be the tourist paradise it is, if this wasn’t so.