Where to Eat

We’ve been asked countless times on what are the things to do in Singapore and the most common answer we give is -shop, and EAT. This list is no where near exhaustive on the places you may find food and could go on indefinitely if we didn’t narrow it down on our criteria of quality, service, location and price. We’ll also probably draw flak for recommending certain places over others, but we’re not calling ourselves food critics or bloggers. Here’s a list of places that *we* humbly enjoy and hope that you too, would enjoy them as much as we do.

Our list is what we categorically call local food, brunch food, coffee & tea, and restaurants. We’ve only shortlisted places that we think are easy to get to, and are in areas that visitors would most likely visit or stay near at. There are plenty of food options on the path less travelled, but they would be destination places and you would have to be a dedicated foodie to get there. Nevertheless, the places we recommend are not “tourists” joints, and are places that we ourselves frequent.

Singapore is a food haven and you’ll never go hungry. Work up an appetite in between meals with our suggestions for shopping, strolling, or hiking.

Top 5 Local Hawker Centres

Top 5 Asian Restaurants

Top 5 Brunch Places

Top 5 Coffee Joints

Top 5 Restaurants