The Imperial Treasure group of restaurants brings you excellent Shanghai Cuisine at accessible prices on the 4th Floor of Ngee Ann City Shopping Mall (some would erroneously refer to the mall as Takashimaya which is actually the name of the main tenant).

This restaurant offers a flexible menu that would work well for lunch or dinner, depending on your mood and how heavy a meal you’d like.

Dishes that we think should try regardless of meals would include the crispy eel, smoked eggs, xiao long bao, and chilled slice pork. These starters are a standard order whenever we find ourselves in this restaurant and it paves the way for the delectable mains to follow.

For mains, our all time favourites are the fan pei with crab meat, glutinous rice with either lobster or crab, and the pork knuckles with brown sauce that is cooked so well that the meat peels off easily and mouth waveringly melts in your mouth. The glutinous rice is flavours infused and you’ll be able to feel the texture of each rice grain in every mouthful.

You’ll find xiao long baos in various restaurants all over Singapore, but its rare that you’ll find one that has the right balance of a thin skin that doesn’t break when you pick it up, the right amount of “soup” inside, and tender pork meat within. These little babies in Imperial Treasure Shanghai Cuisine checks all the boxes and in our opinion makes one of the better Xiao Long Baos in Singapore.

A good way to end the meal would be the fried pancakes with either dates or red bean filling.

Smoked Eggs


Xiao Long Bao


Fan Pei with Crab Meat


Pork Knucle in Brown Sauce


Pan Fried Pork Bun


If you’re in Ngee Ann City, check out Imperial Treasure Shanghai Cuisine

Address: 391A Orchard Rd, 04-22 Ngee Ann City, Takashimaya, Singapore 238873
Phone:6836 6909
This restaurant is in the main shopping belt. You can easily spend a day in the area and we hope you plan your day well with some ideas we have. If Shanghainese food isn’t your thing and you prefer something local, you may find something useful in our local food guide.