Singapore Grand Prix 2017

There are countless of great things you can do in Singapore – sightseeing and cuisine aside, the outdoor activities as a whole are innumerable. And while we tried to list the top ones here, it’s virtually impossible to do so.

This becomes especially true when you consider some of the many annual worldwide events that visit Singapore like the Formula 1 Grand Prix.

Conducted in Singapore every year since 2008, the Grand Prix of Singapore has quickly become a fan-favourite among Formula 1 fans and is often referred to as the “crown jewel” of the Formula 1 calendar. With a circuit length of 5.065 kilometres and 61 laps, the total distance of the Marina Bay Street Circuit in Singapore is 308.828 kilometres. The fastest lap record belongs to Daniel Ricciardo who managed a time of 1:47.187 in 2016. The Red Bull racer finished second that year, after Nico Rosberg in first place, and in front of Lewis Hamilton in third.

Taking place from September 8 to September 17 in 2017, it’s definitely not a cheap entertainment – tickets vary between ~100€ and ~6000€, depending on the day or days you choose and the zone you would like to be in.

And while the moto show rages on and the fastest cars on the planet fly by the ecstatic viewers, the rest of the city is caught in the Grand Prix craze as well. During the Grand Prix Season in Singapore you can also witness and visit a ton of special shop offers, new dining options, various cultural and party experiences that surround the buzzing hive that is the Marina Bay Street Circuit at the time of the Grand Prix.

Famous events such as Amber Lounge, Podium Lounge, Hotel Vagabond’s dinner theatre experience, or 1-Altitude’s Johnnie Walker Circuit Party, and many others, all easily manage to keep fans and tourists excited and entertained even when the racers are off for the day.

All in all, the Grand Prix Season in Singapore is not only one of the most beloved – if not the most beloved – Formula 1 Grand Prix in the modern history of the race, but it’s also one of the most prestige and amazing outdoor events that happen annually in the city.