Singapore is definitely a place with a lot of great places to eat. And few events emphasize this better than the Singapore Food Festival (SFF).

An annual celebration of the amazing cooks and various different culinary tastes of Singapore – both past and present – the Singapore Food Festival is a must-see event that’s organized every year from the end of June until the end of July by the Singapore Tourism Board. Organized ever since 1994, the SFF has been bringing joy to locals and tourists for over two decades.

This month-long celebration of food consists of countless weekly events, culinary workshops, competitions and much more. Are you a fan of street food or of luxury dining places? Of nighttime bars or pop-up cafes? Do you prefer Chicken Rice or Fishball Noodles? The Singapore Food Festival honors all.

At one of the signature events of the festival – STEAT – a party of chefs and hawkers serve a great assortment of culinary creations and crowd favorites. And at great prices, too!

Just like fashion events, the SFF is also a place to explore new ideas – a lot of chefs unfold their innovative genius and prepare new and exciting, never-before-seen dishes to entrance the public. It’s also a time for a lot of classic dishes to be given new, interesting twists – Satay, Chilli Crab, Bak Kut Teh and Laksa, to name a few.

Nostalgia is definitely not forgotten as well – some of the 2016 events of SFF were the Kueh Appreciation Day and the 50 Cents Fest! at Chinatown Food Street. Food-fans were overjoyed to taste some forgotten-by-many classics such as Iceballs, Hainanese Larp and Kok Kok Mee.

As Chef Han Li Guang, owner of the Restaurant Labyrinth, says:

“Not only is the Singapore dining scene fun, vibrant and diverse, it is also exciting, creative and incredibly innovative! Here, customers will be able to satisfy their palettes as well as their curiosity for a wide range of cuisines.”

The festival takes place in various locations around Singapore. Most venues are free to entry and ask for pay only for the food consumed. If you’d like to know more about this great event, email